Recycled Plastic in our Bags

Here is the truth about recycled plastic bags. After searching for several years to find a recycled content PP bag, we found that many claims of recycled content are—at best—unreliable.

Like you, we’ve seen bags that say: I used to be a plastic water bottle. But plastic bottles are made of plastic #2, and reusable bags are mostly made from plastic #5. These types of plastic are different materials, as different as cotton is from wool, or aluminum is from steel. Recycling one type into another is technically not possible.

The problem with recycling plastic is that most plastic is mixed after the consumer cycle. Mixed plastics cannot be made into PP or other high quality items. When post-consumer plastic is recycled, the result is always black or brown because the inks and dyes used for consumers become part of the mix. I have seen up to 30% recycled content PP fabric, but the quality is not very good, and it is very expensive to make.

Our fabric contains 10% recycled content from like-colored industrial scraps. It’s a clean and verifiable source of recyclable materials. Our openness and honesty about recycled content is another example of our dedication to corporate responsibility and corporate honesty.

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