Good for Consumers

Of course, they are good for the environment, but reusable bags can help clean up more than the planet—they can help you live a cleaner life, too.

As soon as I started using reusable bags, I realized that I had less trash, less clutter—more room for me in my life. I never wanted to go back to a throw-away lifestyle.

It started with groceries but soon my kids were taking lunches and projects to school in them. My husband started using them for extra paperwork or a change of clothes at the gym. Since then, I’ve found all kinds of uses for reusable bags. I wrap gifts in them, pack food in them for a friend who is sick, and I even use an insulated bag as an overnight duffle. And many stores reward me with a rebate every time I use them, so the bags actually pay for themselves!

Now my laundry room and the areas under my sink are cleaner and more sanitary. I have fewer insect infestations too, as bags can harbor insect eggs which can hatch when in the home. I can fill up my fridge without filling up my trash. It’s a great feeling to have less waste!

All my friends tell me they feel good every time they used one too. I hope you do too!

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