Good for Business

If you are a store owner, you know that give-away bags add up.  Our reusable bags and the tips below can help you reduce expenses and help the environment, too!

Plastic bags cost retailers an estimated $4 billion annually. Paper bags are even costlier. About 20 million paper bags are used annually and they can cost up to seven cents a piece, taking a further $1.4 million out of retailer pockets annually.

With a well designed reusable bag program, you can stay competitive, keep prices low to attract customers, and keep your store in consumers’ minds as they walk out the door.  Entice customers to participate with the following tips:

1. Train cashiers to offer an eco-bag and put bags near the check-out stand.

Your cashiers are the best way to connect with your customers. Instead of automatically bagging in plastic bags, try having them ask: would you like an eco-bag today? A little encouragement can go a long way.

2. Offer bags that appeal to green customers.

Research shows that consumers are motivated to purchase a bag to help the environment. Adding an environmental message, icon, or using green for bag fabric or imprint helps consumers identify with the message of the bag.

3. Keep your item fresh.

Consider new color or design when you reorder. Ordering a once or twice a year will allow you to catch consumers’ eyes with a new product. Consider pink bags in October and tie in with a breast cancer awareness group. Think about a forest green for the holidays. Bright greens and blues favorites for summer.

4. Offer a Choice

Offer more than one color bag or more than one style. A consumer who sees one bag thinks: Do I want a bag? But seeing an attractive display of bags, a consumer is likely to think: which bag do I want? Choice engages attention and offers something for everyone.

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