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President: Lisa Foster

Lisa Foster introduced reusable bags to American consumers when she founded 1 Bag at a Time® in 2005. 1 Bag at a Time® has sold over 10 million bags in the US and continues to lead new bag products and trends in US markets. Foster was among the first to advocate for reusable bags and to publicize the damage of disposable bags in our environment and our economy. She serves on the Los Angeles County Taskforce for Plastic Bag Reduction as well as the Polystyrene Waste Reduction taskforce, and was the keynote speaker for the 2009 Federal Women’s Council conference on Women: Taking the Lead to Save our Planet. She has also consulted on bag policy with legislators from around the country on carry-out bag policies. A graduate of the Putney School and UC Berkeley, Foster also holds a Ph.D. from the University of Southern California and taught college level and high school English for 18 years before starting 1 Bag at a Time®. She is working to reduce her carbon footprint in Los Angeles, CA.

Email me at info@onebagatatime.com.

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